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Malabar Farm was “the most famous farm in America” and his home entertained friends , farmers and guests from all over the world. And with that fame, Bromfield and his farm gained the attention of the media. Whether on radio, lectures, newspapers, magazines and film everyone seemed to want to hear what Louie had to write and say.

This page is dedicated to historical video footage as well as more current video productions related to Louis Bromfield, Malabar Farm and the state park over the years. We hope you enjoy the footage and get to know Louis Bromfield, a Pulitzer Prize winning author who had everything life could offer, yet was willing to risk his wealth and literary reputation to pursue his dream, and in turn, became one of America’s most influential farmers. And the role Malabar Farm played in shaping the future of sustainable agriculture, soil and water conservation in America. More related videos can be seen on YouTube

Malabar Farm State Park Fall Aerial Tour

Malabar Farm State Park, located in Lucas, Ohio is a unique historical experience with fun for the whole family! Malabar is a working farm that was home to Pulitzer Prize winning author and conservationist Louis Bromfield. Tour this historic park today!

Malabar Farm – Documentary

A short documentary about the life and farming practices of Mansfield, OH native Louis Bromfield. Malabar Farm became the most famous farm in America. This video was used in “The Man Who Had Everything,” a documentary produced by WOSU about the writer-turned-farmer’s life.

Malabar Farm – Our Ohio segment

Our Ohio-Today’s farmers are good stewards of the land. That’s due in part to the work of Ohio farmer and author Louis Bromfield. Our Heritage segment leads us to Malabar Farm near Mansfield to learn more about Bromfield’s conservation and the famous Malabar Farm. From Our Ohio show 104, produced in 2006

Malabar Farm State Park – Traveling around Ohio Segment

Malabar Farm in Pleasant Valley (Richland County) was the dream of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Bromfield. Today, visitors can see the house and farm existing just as they did in Bromfield’s time. The outbuildings and pastures still house chickens, goats and beef cattle. The hills are ribboned with strips of corn, wheat, oats and hay while the scenic trails are adorned with nature’s bounty. When you’re done looking around make sure you eat at the Malabar Farm Restaurant, which is also part of the Park. (Video recorded March 2013, June 2015, May 2016)

Video productions about Louis Bromfield and Malabar Farm

The Man Who had Everything

World renowned author and Hollywood screenwriter Louis Bromfield left his glamorous lifestyle to live on the land.  The Man Who had Everything  PBS documentary reveals how this Pulitzer Prize winning author had everything life could offer, yet was willing to risk his wealth and literary reputation to pursue his dream, and in turn, became one of America’s most influential farmers. Narrated by screen legend and close friend Lauren Bacall.

PBS WOSU-TV34 -1999- Color-Stereo-90 minutes (still in production)

The View from Malabar

The View from Malabar explores farmland preservation,urban sprawl, and revitalization of inner cities from what might have been Ohio native Louis Bromfield vision.  Today, decades after his death in 1956, Bromfields concerns about the land have taken on a new urgency. Across America, more and more farmland is being lost to development. The State of Ohio  is a microcosm for the nation on issues related to land use,Ohio is losing large amounts of rural land to development every year. At the time, urban neighborhoods in Ohio are being abandoned in increasing numbers.

The View from Malabar showcases those who express concern about the loss of the state’s rural heritage. The one-hour special reveals that development can be done thoughtfully and responsibly if citizens and public officials choose to put an appropriately high value on preservation of farmlands and open space, and on the revitalization of our inner cities. Narrated by actor James Cromwell

PBS WOSU-TV34 -2000 -Color-Stereo-60 minutes ( limited production)

Malabar Farm -The Dream of Louis Bromfield

It’s’ all here-from the very beginnings of  Malabar Farm-to its rise as a national model of sustainable the tragic fire that claimed the main dairy barn… to the spectacular barn raising event.  The dream almost came to a tragic end, as fire swept through the main dairy barn in the spring of 1993. Amazingly, the blaze was kept from spreading to the nearby “Big House” with its many Bromfield family treasures only a few yards away. Through the combined efforts of volunteers from the Timber Framers Guild of North America,local business, state officials and hundreds of individuals, the barn was rebuilt using authentic materials and traditional methods. Hand hewn timbers, wooden pegs and expert craftsmanship combined in one glorious weekend over 55,000 spectators witnessed the largest public barn raising in North America in over 100 years.

ODNR -1995 -Color-Stereo- 30 minutes DVD (Available in Online Gift Store)

Bromfield’s Mansfield

A look at the life of author Louis Bromfield, and how his novels and movies reflect the world he knew as a youngster in Mansfield, Ohio. Louis Bromfield was born on December 27, 1896 in Mansfield, Ohio, as Lewis Brumfield. In 1914 Bromfield graduated from Mansfield Senior High School. The family moves to the abandoned Coulter farm. The son of a farmer, Bromfield studied journalism at Columbia University and was decorated for his service in the French army, which he joined at the outbreak of World War I. After the war he worked as a music critic, reporter for Times Magazine and the Associated Press (AP) in New York City for a few years. Bromfield produced his most highly acclaimed novels, including The Green Bay Tree (1924), Possession (1925), and Early Autumn (1926), for which he was awarded the 1927 Pulitzer Prize.

Tinderland Production, Tim McKee, Color-Stereo-  16 minutes (View this video on this page)

The Big House at Malabar Farm

A virtual tour of Louis Bromfield’s 32-room home located in Lucas, Ohio.  A room by room narrated tour of the famous authors home, it’s artwork, furnishings, history, architecture, life, stories and the famous Bogart & Bacall wedding held in the double staircase of the house in May 1945. Malabar Farm was the most famous farm in America and his home entertained friends , farmers and guests from all over the world. This house was a big house and Bromfield asked Louis Lamoreux to remodel an old farmhouse. The finished product, an assembled house with parts of this and that from five periods of Western Reserve architecture became “The Big House”.

Vanguard Production Jeff Boucher -1995- Color-Stereo-29 minutes (view this video on the Big House Video tour link)